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LaSalle Randonneur and Randonneuse

La Salle BicycleThe LaSalle is inspired by the classic French light touring bikes of the 1940s and 50 made by the great constructeurs like Alex Singer or Rene Herse. Randonneur bikes were similar to racing road bikes in general form but had a bit more upright geometry, larger tires for the sub-par roads, and the ability to put fenders and a rack on the bike. Since the long 200K plus cycle tours of the period called brevets often involved riding past sundown bikes almost always had lighting systems whether simple flash light mounts or dynamo powered lights. Basically, these were comfortable all around utility bikes but with the ability to go long and sometimes fast depending on the rider.

The LaSalle Randonneur (diamond frame) and Randonneuse (mixte step through) takes the cue of these great builders with features like internal brake cabling on the top tube, more orate lugs and flourishes on the dropouts and braze-ons, and decorative double plate style fork crown. Modern dynamo hubs provide lighting without worrying about battery charge with internal wiring for the rear light. The geometry of the frameset is designed for stability with a loaded front rack or handlebar bag.



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La Salle PortraitAbout the name

Robert Cavelier de LaSalle was a 17th century French explorer who mapped out much of the land the French crown would claim in the Americas. Included in his exploration was the eastern Gulf Coast of Texas where he established Fort St. Louis near current Victoria, TX. His expedition is why the French flag is included in the Six Flags of Texas. Our LaSalle Randonneur and Randonneuse will allow you to explore countless roads and trails as you discover what lays ahead on your bike journey.