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The Sam Houston

Sam Houston BicycleThis is our most versatile model with the ability to handle full touring, daily commuting, and the occasional cyclocross race. Made with the same durable tubing as the Ferguson in a drop bar design, the Sam Houston will take almost anything you throw at it on the road.

The Sam Houston began as we worked to develop a full touring bicycle. At the same time, we began a sponsorship of the Dirt Derby, a local cyclocross series, which included giving away a special Violet Crown Cycles custom cyclocross frameset at the end of the series. Full touring and cyclocross have a lot in common design-wise. Both bikes favor durability over super light weight, have a little more relaxed geometry than road bikes, and seek to accommodate large tires for comfort and off road capabilities.

In the end, a bike design can't be all things to all riders so we developed three different versions of the Sam Houston with small variation in geometry based on your intended use.

Sam Houston Touring

This version is made specifically for full touring with front loaded rack and full rear panniers. The fork geometry ensures a stable ride with a loaded front and long chain stays add stability and the ability to load the rear without heel strikes. If you don't plan to ride regularly with a loaded front, got with the Sport version.

Sam Houston Sport

If you are wanting a durable, fast commuter with the ability to ride all day loaded or unloaded or do the odd cyclocross race, look no further. The geometry here is designed for stable riding with or without a loaded rear rack. Plenty of clearance for 35 mm tires with fenders or 38 mm cyclocross tires without fenders.

Sam Houston CX

The bike specifically designed for cyclocross. Cyclocross geometry, carbon fork, shorter chain stays, and lighter tubing make this a real competition bike yet still everyday practical. As with all our bikes, dropout eyelets are part of the designs so you can mount fenders and racks. 225 pound rider weight limit and only available with 1 1/8" threadless headset.


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Sam Houston PortraitAbout the name

Sam Houston was the father of the Republic and the State of Texas, and he is also an ancestor of VCC builder Elliott McFadden's wife. He led the army of Texans in the fight for independence from Mexico, served as first President of the Republic, a U.S. Senator, and Governor of the state. As Governor, he unsuccessfully argued against secession and resigned rather than serve under the Confederacy. A great bike deserves a great name, and we can think of no greater Texan to honor than Sam Houston.